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What's new at GP4 Central?

2013 Empty Mod released

2 March

Finally we have all the driver line ups confirmed for this year, so today I can release the 2013 Empty Mod by GP4 Central.

As usual you can find it in the Mods section.

GP4 Central Testing Team

25 February

I need some volunteers to help me test the new tracks I'm planning to make for release on GP4 Central.

I'm hoping to make a least 5 or 6 track updates throughout the year, the first being Melbourne 2013 which is coming along nicely.

PM me on grandprixgames.org if you're interested in being part of the testing team.

Ferrari F2001

14 February

And now for something different! Available from today is the Ferrari F2001 by Oggo, with rearlight and brake glow fix by Turbo Lover.

I hope to have more 2001 cars coming soon to GP4 Central, with the Sauber C20 up next.

New GPxPatch available

13 February

Incredibly, over 4 years since the last version was released, a new version of GPxPatch has been released by Rene at SDI Utilities.

It's a minor update but it's great to see this program is still being worked. Make sure you download it straight away!

2013 season

30 January

I wish Force India, Caterham and Marussia would hurry up and announce their driver line-ups for this year, so I can release the 2013 Empty Mod!

Already, just 2 days after the launch of the Lotus E21, we have some in-game screenshots of the new livery by vesuvius.

I'm greatly looking forward to another year in GP4!

1979 Tyres update posted

10 January

We're starting a new year with some old season updates. This is the first "historic" update for GP4 to be hosted on GP4 Central so I'm very grateful to Turbo Lover for submitting these to the site.

Find them in the Misc section, under Tyres (at the bottom because files are ordered in season date order!)

2012 Mod released

22 December

Have an early Christmas present from GP4 Central - the 2012 mod is released today!

Updates from the last beta release include Soulbringer's new McLaren MP4-27, some late-season helmets by pmgl71 and an updated performance file. A new menu screenshot has also been created by Isaint.

Head over to the Mods section to get the 2012 Mod by GP4 Central - Merry Christmas and Happy Driving!

New McLaren MP4-27

15 November

Soulbringer has released his awesome 2012 McLaren and it's available from GP4 Central in the Cars section.

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