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What's new at GP4 Central?

New Magic Data and CC Line for Monaco

12 November

I've posted a new Magic Data file and CC Line for Monaco 2012 in the new Tracks section.

The 2012 Mod by GP4 Central - Beta 2

10 November

An update to the 2012 Mod has been posted. Find the "Beta 2 " release in the Mods section. It includes several fixes and improvements.

The 2012 Mod by GP4 Central

2 November

The first ever mod by GP4 Central is here! The Beta 1 release is available in the Mods section.

Please post your feedback over at grandprixgames.org.

Thank you to all those who continue to support this great game! Happy racing!

New Toro Rosso STR7

26 October

GeZeRe has updated his STR7 with new hi-res textures. It looks excellent. A highly recommended upgrade. Find it in the Cars section.


11 October

Well it's been a while again since the last update but I've not been neglecting GP4, far from it. I''ve been working on a few new developments for Central:

1) Continuing with my research into Magic Data.

2) Development of a whole new 2012 Mod. A lot of effort is being spent on this and I really hope this will be one of the best GP4 mods released. There's a long way to go yet, but there will be an alpha / beta test program for you to sign up to shortly. Keep a watch out on grandprixgames.org.

3) All of this has led to a lot of knowledge gained on our favourite game and I'll be recording some of this in a series of articles that will finally bring the GP4 Central Library up to date.

Keep racing!

It's that time again!

19 September

Autumn is an exciting time for F1 gaming fans. Codemasters' annual release of their F1 game is generally well received with race sim fans, but its release is not only significant for those who must have the latest (and in this website's view, not necessarily greatest) game who will benefit.

That's because the GP4 community is once again hard at work converting the codies car models to GP4. I've said it before on this site; the Codemasters car models are superb. Fantastically detailed shapes and excellent textures. We are lucky to be able to draw on this quality for our own game.

Leading the way is the GP4 Forever team who have already got working models of most of the cars into the game. Head over to check out the exciting latest developments on their progress.

Magic Data

16 September

One thing you may notice is strangely missing from this site is tracks. A bit unusual for a racing sim website perhaps? Well the reason is that I've never really understood them. GP4 is a vastly complicated sim with all kinds of variables mixed together to produce what I (and hopefully you!) still regard as the greatest racing sim ever produced. One of these elements is Magic Data.

Magic Data is a set of parameters that affects the way the game behaves at each track. In my opinion is should be called Track Data.

I've made an effort to finally understand (as far as possible) this aspect of the game in recent weeks. You can follow my progress on grandprixgames.org.

The end result of all this will hopefully be an up-to-date tracks section with each tracks' Magic Data calibrated perfectly to the Performance data in the GP4 Central Mod. It's going to take a while but I think it will be worth it!

Another Ferrari F2012!

1 August

Well it's been a little while since the last update but the subject hasn't changed - we have another fantastic Ferrari F2012 for you this week courtesy of Soulbringer, who has modeled and painted this impressive car from scratch.

The car is available for download from GP4 Central - head over to the Cars section to find it. You can also check out Soulbringer's other works at his blog.

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