Featured Link - Hungaroring 2013 by F1 Virtual

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17 July by TomMK

Just in time for the next round of the 2015 F1 championship, I've uploaded F1 Virtual's spectacular Hungaroring 2013 to the Tracks section. Go get it!

New Magic Data

17 July by TomMK

I've updated the Magic Data pack (available from the "Misc" section) with lots more tracks, and 2011- and 2015-specific Magic Data.

More fictional circuits

29 June by TomMK

Ive added some more tracks to the Tracks section.

New circuits

25 June by TomMK

Ive uploaded a couple of circuits by ToJepo, his recently released Jarama and also Paul Ricard 1988, both excellent new tracks for GP4.

2015 Mod Released

12 June by TomMK

It has taken a while but finally the 2015 Mod is here. Get it from the Mods page.

Almost there

28 May by TomMK

Almost all files have been transferred to the new server, including all tracks and misc items. Only a handful of cars remain, and they'll be done as soon as possible.

And we're back

26 April by TomMK

Welcome back to the site, now on a new server. There's still some work to do so please bear with me if things don't work quite right in the next few days. You can report any problems to me over at grandprixgames.org.


3 April by TomMK

The site will be offline for a period of time because I need to switch to a new host and will be doing some other improvements at the same time. You can find me at grandprixgames.org (TomMK) if you need any files in the meantime...

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