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And we're back

26 April by TomMK

Welcome back to the site, now on a new server. There's still some work to do so please bear with me if things don't work quite right in the next few days. You can report any problems to me over at grandprixgames.org.


3 April by TomMK

The site will be offline for a period of time because I need to switch to a new host and will be doing some other improvements at the same time. You can find me at grandprixgames.org (TomMK) if you need any files in the meantime...

GP4CC Round 3

20 February by TomMK

Round 3 starts today so come and join us in Korea for the next hotlap round.

Trackers down

1 February by TomMK

I use bittorrent to distribute some of the larger files here and I've noticed they might not be working due to the trackers being down at the moment. I'll fix it soon. In the meantime just PM me at grandprixgames.org if you need a direct download link.

More tracks

27 January by TomMK

I have uploaded a few new tracks recently so check out the expended Tracks section.

2014 Mod Release 3

17 January by TomMK

I've updated both CSM and Laptop Editions to Release 3. The main update is much better AI thanks to a physics update, read more here.

GP4CC Season 3

5 January by TomMK

Well it's the off-season but that doesn't mean GP4 is sleeping! GP4CC Season 3 is open now, and this time we're doing things a little differently. Sign up now at grandprixgames.org.

2012 2013 2014 Mods Updated

17 November by TomMK

I have updated my CSM mods with lots of new stuff and fixes. Get them from the Mods section.

The Laptop Edition releases have not been updated yet but will be soon.

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