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GP4 Central Championship - Round 1

12 April

The season is officially underway! Round 1 at Silverstone 2013 is open for submissions.

All you need is the 2013 Laptop Mod v7.0. Download it from the Mods section and submit your best hotlap!

ZaZ Tools v1.26 repackaged

6 April

I've created a new package of ZaZ Tools v1.26 because it seems like the built-in Updater, which went offline in 2013, is not coming back.

This repack contains all of the very latest ZaZ Tools files from before the Updater stopped working, and I've also turned off the AutoUpdater by default in this version so it doesn't pester you with error messages. I recommend you download it if you've installed ZaZ Tools anytime since early 2013.

2013 Mods (CSM and Laptop version) both updated

6 April

I've updated both the 2013 CSM Mod and the 2013 Laptop Mod to version 7.

Version 7 of the 2013 Laptop Mod will be required for competing in the GP4 Central Championship so make sure you download it before Friday when the season kicks off at Silverstone.

Final Pre-Season Testing is now open

30 March

The third and final pre-season testing event is now open. This time it is a quickrace event - 10 laps at Melbourne, as fast as you possibly can!

If you want to compete simply download the special version of GP4 that we use in the competition (see the championship homepage for more detail) and follow the instructions to submit your time. It's really that easy, so come join us.

After Melbourne, it's time for the season opener at Silverstone!

GP4 Central Championship - Pre-Season Test 2 starts today

11 March

I've opened the next round of pre-season testing in our offline hotlaps / quickrace championship. Go and submit a lap and compare your time to the competiton!

I've made several improvements to the championship website since we started thanks to the suggestions of those who competed, so thank you to everyone who is participating!

GP4 Central Championship launched today

7 March

A major development for the site is launched today - the GP4 Central Championship. It is an interactive offline hotlap and racing competition that uses a GP4 Central mod and features a live leaderboard for comparing your best efforts to the competition!

We are currently running a test event (hotlaps at Barcelona) to check that the competition website is working properly. So help us out and have some fun by heading over to the Championship's homepage and joining us in sunny Spain!

GP4 Central 2013 Mod Release 6

5 March

I've updated the 2013 mod with lots of new helmet textures by josekast and updated the performance files for the latter part of the season.

Get it in the Mods section.

The "Laptop Edition" of the mod has also been posted. This is the mod we will use for the GP4 Central Championship (see post above).

Linked by InsideSimRacing.

1 March

So GP4 Central has been linked in a brief article on InsideSimRacing, which is nice. Thanks ISR!

To anyone that's landed here as a result of that article - I would highly recommend checking out the two main forum communities that support GP4 as well: GrandPrixGames.org and GP4 Forever. There is a lot of content being produced at those sites which I don't catalog here so be such to check those sites out if you're getting back into GP4 (which you should!).

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